Escape to a world of adventures!

Shirley HarberHello and welcome to my website.  I am an author of books for children and young adults and also a published poet under the name Shirley Anne Cook.

My passion for books began with the author Enid Blyton. My aunt always gave me her books for Christmas and birthdays. In particular I liked the ‘Naughtiest Girl in the School Series.’  I enjoyed making up my own stories too and wrote a few short books at primary school. I still have a couple of these, but my teacher kept one to read called ‘The House on the Moors’ and I still haven’t had it back!  When I grew up I became a teacher myself and enjoyed inspiring my students to write.

I especially like writing books set in Ancient Egypt as the study of Egyptology is one of my passions. ‘The Snake Princess’ is set in Ancient Egypt as is my latest book, the Diary of Teti-Tuti-aged-Twelve-and-a-Half-Summers.  I have lived in Egypt and have visited places mentioned in those books.  One of my favourite memories is going inside Tutankhamun’s tomb. Having read so much about him at school it was like a dream to actually see where he was buried.

I now live in the beautiful county of Buckinghamshire and enjoy escaping to exciting places in my books.  I hope you will too!

You can contact me at or visit my poetry website at